REPORT: Large-scale Juvenile Detention Does NOT Curb Juvenile Crime


Colorlines Magazine writer Jorge Rivas has written an eye-opening article regarding a recent report from the Annie E. Casey foundation, asserting that incarcerating high numbers of troubled young people does not curb juvenile crime , and may actually increase crimes rates instead.

He writes:

“Even the Justice Department Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention recommends a series of alternatives to traditional incarceration. Sill, the largest share of incarcerated youth— about 40 percent in total — are held in long-term youth correctional facilities operated primarily by state governments or by private firms who contract with the state.”

The report points to four primary reasons why large-scale youth incarceration is a failed strategy:

(1.) It does not reduce future offending by confined youth

(2.) It does not enhance public safety

(3.) It wastes taxpayer dollars

(4.) It exposes youth to violence and abuse.

Head over to for Rivas’ full article.

And check out the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s full report, “No Place For Kids,” HERE.