From Left to Right: Stephanie and her sister

If we were to judge Stephanie Georgopulos based on her appearance, we’d think she was white.

And we would be half correct. Just a few months ago, the Gawker contributor “came out” as biracial.

She was having dinner with a co-worker. “I’m a Capricorn,” she’d said. ‘Yeah…my mom’s black,’ I responded,” writes Stephanie.

From Medium:

“I was exposed to white kids who would speak their minds on our black classmates whenever they were under the impression they were in good (white) company. I realized how few people believed me about my mother’s race and wanted evidence, and how it never got less frustrating to have to prove my identity, court-of-law style (note that, on the flipside, my black classmates celebrated my race, would tell me: ”I knew you were black!”).”

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Stephanie’s mother is black and her dad is white. Two of her siblings look like her mom, her and another like her dad.

She says she discovered her “otherness” when people would mistake her mother for her nanny in public, and spent most of her adolescence identifying herself as whatever she wanted.

Here is a woman that could quite easily pass for white, but chose to embrace her full ethnicity.

What an amazing journey of acceptance of self!

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