Anybody need a pick-me-up?

Common’s new album The Dreamer, The Believer is slated to drop on November 22.

And if his new joint “Blue Sky” is any indication, November can’t come soon enough.

“Blue Sky” is just effortlessly elevating and life-affirming. And it proves that you don’t have to make self-consciously “conscious” hip hop to inspire. And you don’t have to preach to reach the masses, either.

This might be the most uplifting thing you’ll experience all week. So treat yourself to a little sunshine, and stream this phenomenal song below.

Common imbues his nimble rhymes with a sense of urgency; not for violent revolution or relentless materialism, but for self-actualization.

It’s a call to arms for a generation haunted by a sense of hopeless; stymied by persistent, institutionalized racism, corporate greed and a culture permeated by self-interest and selfishness.

Common doesn’t want you to get angry; he wants you to get inspired, reach higher and dream bigger.


Who’s with him?


Common’s “Blue Sky”