Civil Rights activists have filed a complaint of misconduct against Texas appeals judge Judge Edith H. Jones, asserting that she harbors dangerous racial bias.

At a speaking engagement at the University of Penn Law School, Jones asserted that Blacks and Hispanics are more prone to violent crimes, that death row sentences are a service to defendants because they can “make peace with God,” and that courtroom defenses dealing with mental retardation and systemic racism are “red herrings.”


From the New York Times:

Charles W. Wolfram, one of the country’s experts in legal ethics who is retired from Cornell Law School, said Judge Jones’s alleged statements were a cause of great concern.

“If I were a parent of a black with borderline IQ accused in a capital case, would I be distressed in knowing that Judge Jones was sitting on my case?” he asked in a telephone interview. “Yes, I would. She seems to have made up her mind on these issues. She is slanted. That is the whole point of the impartiality requirement.”

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