Food stamp recipients will lose an average of $90 per month in benefits thanks to an $8.7 billion cut passed by Congress.

The Senate voted on Tuesday to send the 2014 Farm Bill, which includes the cut, to President Obama’s desk. 

From MSNBC: 

The House passed the law by a similarly commanding margin last Wednesday. After the House vote, White House press secretary Jay Carney made clear that the president would sign off on the legislation.

“We are pleased by the progress that we’ve seen,” Carney said last week. “As you know, the president made clear last fall that this was something that he believed Congress needed to and could act in a bipartisan way to get done. Obviously we’re not there yet. Final legislation has not reached his desk. So we await that happening and hope it does. If the bill, as it is currently designed, reaches his desk, he would sign it.”

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In a statement after the law was approved, President Obama applauded Congress for the “strong bipartisan vote.”

Is the government sending food stamp recipients a message? Or was this just a necessary cut that both bodies of congress agreed on?

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