Acknowledging that white privilege – the process where white people naturally gain a series of advantages over minorities due to their race – is hard enough for some people. But if they’re fortunate enough to do that, the next step is identifying examples of white privilege in everyday life.

The Chicago Theological Seminary is working on a campaign to held address issues that are standing in the way of social justice, including white privilege. In a new video entitled “White Privilege Glasses,” a white man is given a pair of glasses that provide him with the ability to see what life is like for people of color in day-to-day interactions.

To explain their reason for making the video, the Chicago Theological Seminary made the following statement, according to Colorlines:

The mission of CTS is to work towards greater social justice. And nowhere is this more needed than in the area of race. To this end, CTS has created a web video to shine the light on White privilege. We believe the racial divide will only change when the collective “we” understand the concepts of privilege and begin to identify and correct the systems that advantage one group over the other. We intend for this White Privilege Glasses video to spark discussions and inspire dialogue about this very serious issue. We want to start people thinking, talking…acting.

While white privilege glasses aren’t real – I think? – the concept is clever and would make a lot of conversations easier. To see what it would possibly be like, check out the video below.


Photo Credit: YouTube