I’ll readily admit that, The Golden Girls (greatest sitcom ever!) notwithstanding, I have rather asinine taste in television and film.  Seriously, my undying love for the good-n-terrible movie, Hav Plenty is well beyond absurd.  Still, I am compelled to temporarily cease from railing against the news and pop culture of the day (is this real life?) to encourage you, dear reader(s?) to watch–and subsequently become at least mildly enthusiastic about– the webseries, The Lovers and Friends Show.

The Lovers and Friends Show is something like Noah’s Arc meets The Golden Girls meets your grass roots A.V. Club.  In other words, The Lovers and Friends Show chronicles a group of lesbians of color living in south Florida, with no word from your local sponser.  It’s Sex and the City with melanin and a bus pass.  And it is so much more tolerable than The L WordThe Lovers and Friends Show showcases the lives of women that Bravo and Logo and just about every other ostensibly gay entity fails to recognize.  And it is my latest goal to (further) inspire a cult following. (Jim Jones.)

Check out a clip:


So much goodness!

A few weeks ago, I spent at least 45 minutes talking with my friends Rosa and Sullivan about L&F.  @moyazb and I are going to figure out a way to MST3K the show.  It’s worthy of that much commentary–and a spot on your Netflix queue.  Each of the first two seasons is no more than 3 episodes, so it won’t take you too long to catch up.  (Heinz) According to my latest internet search, season three will be out soon.  For those of you thirsting for lesbians of color on your computer and/or television screen, or a show that not only compels but requires interactive watching, L&F is worth six hours of your time.  Seriously, if you don’t talk throughout the show, check your pulse. (EKG).  The Lovers and Friend Show following needs to grow exponentially.  Join us.  Tell a friend.  I know I have no real influence–and I’m rarely on the brink of cool– but let’s start an even greater internet buzz.  Something worthy of a #blacktag on the Twitter.

(I’ll try to stop with the Drake lines, but I’ve recently started talking like that, and it’s hard to stop.  [Brakes]  See?!  It’s so much fun.)