Last week we reported that Columbus Short would be leaving ABC’s Scandal.

Just days after that announcement, the ever-outspoken comedian D.L. Hughley took to his radio show to blast Short’s wife, Tuere McCall-Short, whose claims of domestic violence may have led to Short’s exit from the series.

Hughley called McCall-Short a “thirsty b*****” who needed to “shut the f*** up.”

From Madame Noire:

“The star of one of the hottest dramas in the country, chokes the f*ck out of his wife? That doesn’t ever happen. I don’t think it happened first off. Like the time Warren Sapp was getting ready to do the Super Bowl and some broad said that he raped her. There are just as many examples of women lying on men in the middle of divorce proceedings to get what they want, as there are men who actually do anything. My point is if he did what she’s alleging he did, she could still get all that she’s going to have and not bring it up now, when it damages his market value that she’s going to be impacted by. If he loses that job nobody’s living in Calabasas anymore.” 

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Why has there not been more outrage at Hughley’s comments?

Should Hughley have to answer to these statements?

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