It is so amazing to be a father and have a baby girl. When
my daughter was born in May 2009 so many thoughts were racing in my head.  The  thing that worried me the most was” how am I going to raise a girl?”  These thoughts felt very scary but at the same
time very powerful. I remember thinking that I have a daughter so I have to be
a better man even in the way I treat women. Now this sounds easy but it is not.

A lot of men go around treating women any type of way. I am
no better and have had my share of wrong doings. But as the years come and go
my daughter continues to get older and she understand what it means when Dad is
angry or when Dad has not seen her in 2 days. As I watch her grow and learn
what I teach her. I also understand that these words I feed into her brain will
ultimately shape what kind of woman she develops into.

Now I never understood  what it meant when a woman compares you to her father. But with me being a
father and having a girl it is very clear. A father that loves their child and
want the best for them inputs certain things in them as they are growing up.
Men in general are not prone to be emotionally people but being a Father
changes that especially when you have a girl.

Fathers have a responsibility to be the man in their daughter’s
life until it is time for them to leave home and be on their own.  Fathers it is your responsibility to build
your daughter up and instill virtuous values in her. So many women today I come
across are still searching for that “Father Figure” but in the means of giving
up their virtue while searching.  It
makes a difference when a woman has her father around in her life to coach her.
I love my daughter so much and I love being a father. Fathers lets help our
daughter s by being the example of a true man.