Last night, twelve police officers were shot and five of those were killed after a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Dallas. The officers were killed by sniper fire around 9PM on Thursday night. Police Chief David Brown and Mayor Mike Rawlings held a press conference to discuss the shootings.

Chief Brown stated that a suspect told negotiators that he was “upset about Black Lives Matter” and wanted to “kill white people, especially white officers.” He also told the negotiator that he worked alone. Chief Brown stated that the investigation will be ongoing until everyone involved is brought to justice.

Mayor Rawlings called for prayers and praised the Dallas Police force, claiming that they have been training in de-escalation tactics. He asserts that although they could improve, their force has been working hard to minimize officer related shootings of citizens.

Both Chief Brown and Mayor Rawlings emphasized that the protest was safe and peaceful, and that demonstrators had a right to express their feelings and exercise their freedom of speech in a democratic society. Chief Brown asserted that it was the police forces’ duty to protect the right to protest in a democratic society.

Chief Brown stated “We will not let a coward who would ambush police officers change our democracy.”


Photo Credits: Fox 7, Austin