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My newest celebrity crush is Lupita Nyong’o and if you have to ask me why, then we have nothing to talk about. I’m here to write her a love letter, because she is everything. I’m not even here to talk about her performance in 12 Years a Slave. No. I’m shallower that that. I am here because she is just gorgeous and her style makes me swoon.

Lupita Nyongo

Goddess Lupita

Dear Lupita Nyong’o,

So you think it’s ok to just come through and slay us all so effortlessly and so consistently with your beauty? WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THAT IS ALRIGHT?!? My goodness.

You’re just FAHN for no reason. Finer than 3,000 count Egyptian cotton woven by the hands of that old woman who is ageless because folks lost count and all we know is she was here for both World Wars. Shit. As a straight woman, I’m not supposed to have my jaws on the ground every time I see your picture. That’s supposed to be reserved for Idris Elba (and his bow tie).

Speaking of, I saw the picture you and Idrissa (my husband. Did he mention me? He musta forgot.) took together and I’m pretty sure the camera broke right after.

Idris Elba Lupita Nyongo

All this chocolate. I LIVE!

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