Anti-Trump protests have come to a high point during the new President’s first week in office. Following a series of executive orders that seem to cause far more damage than anything, protestors have started to spread their focus elsewhere, to his direct supporters and their own business ventures.

#DeleteUber has been trending since Saturday as a result of the company’s recent actions.

The New York Taxi Workers Alliance chose to not pick up or drop anyone off at John F. Kennedy International Airport in an act of solidarity against President Trump’s Muslim Travel Ban. Meanwhile, Uber not only continued to pick up passengers, but allowed its surge pricing system to take effect so that it would make even more money.

Everyone from celebrities to activists have deleted their Uber accounts to let the company know that their actions won’t be tolerated.

There’s a possibility that the brunt of the incident was made worse because Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was revealed to be a supporter of Donald Trump.

If anyone is considering deleting their Uber account, it should be noted that they’ll need to do more than remove the popular app from their phone. For information on how to properly delete your account, go to this website and follow the instructions.

In response to the controversy, Uber has announced that it will create a $3 million defense fund to support anyone affected by the President’s Muslim travel ban, according to CNBC. It’s not yet clear which story will prevail, its actions in the heat of the moment or the cleanup done the next day. Only time will tell.