Mykki Blanco, a queer rapper and performer, detailed his experiences after taking a short flight on Delta Airlines from Toronto to Detroit in which a fellow passenger called the police. According to Blanco’s retelling of the incident, the passenger claimed he wasn’t comfortable with “someone like [Blanco]” boarding the plane.

Blanco stated that he slept the entire flight and that there was no interaction between himself and the passenger, but police still took the complaining passenger’s side in the blatantly homophobic incident, according to Jezebel.

“I was told I would ‘go to jail’ if I continued to ask questions about why this police officer was giving preferential treatment to this man,” Blanco tweeted. “I was then told I could file a report myself and give ‘my side of the story’… but the entire incident itself is fabricated. This is the most bizarre form of homophobia I have ever encountered.”

Delta Airlines quickly reached out to Blanco on Twitter to apologize and ask for more information to follow-up on the altercation. However, the damage was already done.

This is just the latest of a string of instances where airline crews have shown they’re far from the most welcoming and open-minded group you may encounter.

Photo Credit: Twitter