A group of ministers, students, and activists have been engaging in civil disobedience in North Carolina, in protest of a conservative agenda that attacks voting rights, health care for the poor, and environmental laws.

A student group called the NC Student Power Union has been leading the charge, condemning this conservative agenda as a direct attack on their futures.

Many have been arrested since the demonstrations began.

From NewsOne:

A proposal before the General Assembly would cut nearly $200 million to the state university system.

Other proposals would hit at voting rights by shortening early voting provisions and eliminating Sunday voting and same-day registration entirely.

Another new law would weaken environmental law by easing restrictions on the controversial practice of fracking for oil reserves – a method some scientists say fouls drinking water supplies.

One change that has already been signed in to law by Gov. Pat McCrory cuts benefits for the unemployed.

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We are so proud to see these young people stand up for what they believe in.

Keep up the fight!

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