50 students at a high school in Detroit, Michigan were suspended from school after staging a school-wide walk out, and demanding “an education.”

The students at the all-boys Frederick Douglass Academy are fed up with absent teachers, shortages of textbooks, and an administration that simply refuses to hear their grievances or take their education seriously.

One parent alleges that her son was given an A in geometry without even taking a final exam, and that a math teacher “has been absent for more than 68 days.”

From the Huffington Post:

“Detroit Public Schools spokesperson Steve Wasko noted that Frederick Douglass teachers who abuse sick time “will be reprimanded,” and the district aims to keep the school open while adding new courses like debate and engineering.

The 17-year-old Hill told The Detroit News that so many teachers have been simultaneously absent from school that dozens of students had been forced to gather in the gym or other common school areas. Students also went for long periods without homework, and Hill said he struggled on a recent placement exam at Bowling Green State University, where he’s been accepted to attend next year.

‘I literally couldn’t answer a question on there,’ Hill said. ‘Right now, I’m not going to be as successful as I should be because I haven’t been properly taught.'”

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