A Detroit party store is under fire after racist images mocking its black customers were posted on instagram.

After an investigation by local news station Fox 2, it was discovered that the images were uploaded by the store owner’s son.

The images feature adults and children, with racist comments underneath them.

From NewsOne:

Some people later found the photos and called Fox 2 to investigate who exactly took them.The images were tracked to Instagram user, bkoftheday, who is the son of a party store owner in Warren, Mich. When Fox 2 got a hold of the father, he seemed to be very upset over his son’s behavior.

“I apologize to the people,” he said. “I apologize to little kids, to grown men. I will apologize to everybody about my son.”

Below are a few of the offensive photos:

Caption: "David trying to bleach this burnt kahpa"


Caption: "They probably stole those dogs."

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