Rashad Smith, Rochester, New York.

Remember when we use to tune in to MTV and watch TRL, waiting on our favorite videos on the countdown?
What about Pop Up Video on VH-1, that contained informational bubbles, trivia, and sexual anecdotes that kept us intrigued… remember that?
Most certainly we cannot forget the comcial Al Shearer of BET‘s Hits from the Streets or the lovable 21st century cartoon chick, Cita from BET’s Cita World!
The early 2000’s, when video programming was in its prime, has vanished before our eyes and replaced by reality television.

Are you ready for this…. He’s bringing back REAL music video programming to television!

That’s right, Mr. Making the Band himself, Sean “Diddy” Combs, is launching Revolt T.V. this fall!

“There’s been a gapping hole …other channels stopped having focus on music and focused more on reality…it left artist and fans not having a place to go”, says Diddy.

Apparently, the new video network may have partnerships with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Beats (by Dr. Dre), giving the generation of social media and advanced technology, every reason to tune in and be engaged in music programming like never before.

After begging to be on but rejected from ABC‘s Dancing with the Stars, Diddy must have felt like he had to show these big time networks how to really handle business. Even if he starts off like Oprah Winfrey with crappy ratings, Diddy understands, from advice from Ms. Winfrey herself, that the network business is not a sprint, it’s a marathon!

MESSAGE: Although this is not the focus, let’s hope that Diddy recognizes the plight of education, the black community, and other components contributing to the decline in Black Success and build programming that can somehow socially and academically benefit Black culture. While I’ll tune in anyway’s, if that’s the approach, Diddy has me locked down for good to REVOLT TV!

Check out the Huffington Post Black Voices article for more information.