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How Has Digital Media Changed the Landscape of Social Justice?

Black Youth Project has produced original video content focusing on the changing digital landscape, political engagement tactics, and the ways millennials are pursuing social justice. Through our work with the MacArthur Foundation’s Research Network on Youth Participatory Politics, we have found that young people of color through the affordances of new media are expanding the ways and sites through which they fight for social change and engage in civic activism and political activity. With these changes in political opportunities, young people are innovating the ways they engage with those in power and within their communities.

The video uses the mobilization effects of the #SayHerName campaign to examine the ways that young people are engaged in political action. The video features interviews with prominent activists, scholars, organizers, and others involved in justice work. Those featured include Cherno Biko (Activist and Co-Chair of the New York Young Women’s Advisory Council), Mychal Denzel Smith (Author and Fellow at The Nation Institute), Charlene Carruthers (National Director BYP 100), Toussaint Losier (Assistant Professor of Afro-American Studies, UMass Amherst), and many others.

This curriculum provides media and key takeaways for a “Digital Media and Struggles for Justice” workshop.

Using this curriculum and discussion memo (below), teachers, community workers, and mentors can use the video feature below to engage students on the key issues facing community organizers today. Not only that, they can work through vital questions about how to participate in social movements in the future.

“Digital Media and Struggles for Justice” Video:

Video content has been effective in both articulating complex issues to diverse audiences and distilling larger narratives and messages into a highly accessible medium. Essentially, this video asks: how has this increased mobilization and reach changed the activist landscape?

Use the links below to download the curriculum and discussion memo:

Download the discussion memo PDF (110 kb)

Download the curriculum PDF (244 KB)

Watch below (you may also embed the video using the YouTube link feature).