A group of black firefighters that sued New York City for discrimination has been awarded millions for the incidents.

The ruling means that minority fire department applicants will be eligible to receive back pay totaling $98 million. 

From Associated Press:

The settlement of the 7-year-old case was announced by lawyers from the Center for Constitutional Rights, who represented the group, the Vulcan Society. They say the figure includes more than $6 million to cover lost medical payments.

The city says the figure includes back pay, fringe benefits and interest to the test takers. It wasn’t immediately clear how many people would be affected by the settlement.

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In addition to the money, the FDNY will create an executive position for diversity.

In May, an appeals court ruled that the FDNY must undergo court supervision for five years to ensure it does not discriminate against blacks and Latinos when hiring.

The FDNY, mayor’s office and city law department did not immediately respond to inquires from the AP.

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