On the eve of the 2010 midterm elections, I got together with Paradise the Architech and Cynik Lethal to do an ode to a group of Republican Women candidates I thought were well…crazy. Call it the Sarah Palin effect. At the time, Palin was still relevant and considered the Queen of the Tea Party. Cynik had the bright idea to get a Sarah Palin look a like (played brilliantly by Lindsay Pavlick) and also to buy her a little shotgun. The result was the viral video “Republican Woman…Stay Away From Me.”

Fast forward to now and HBO has a movie coming out called “Game Change” about Sarah Palin’s train wreck VP nomination that effectively derailed John McCain’s dreams of being President in 2008. My good friend and fellow movie maker Chris Ivey sent me the “Game Change” trailer and asked me if it looked familiar. I pressed play and watched what I can best describe as Republican Woman 2.0. Now I know “American Woman” is a popular song, so is this just a coincidence, and am I just being a narcissistic rapper who thinks everybody’s stealing his style? Or does HBO owe me a check?