During an interview on “The Tom Joyner Morning Show,” CNN Anchor Don Lemon wasted no time voicing his opinion on Adrian Peterson’s parenting skills.

The NFL running back lost his 2-year-old son after he was tragically beaten by his mother’s boyfriend.

From Black America Web:

“This Adrian Peterson secret love child beating death story has been really bothering me. Bothering me obviously because the boy was just two years old and was allegedly beaten to death by his mom’s boyfriend who was not the child’s father. Bothering me also because the dead boy’s father is Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Petersonan NFL MVP, who appears to be more MIA, than MVP…like many people out there, i’m struggling with how to feel about his dad, Adrian Peterson…Peterson is reported to have said that when he found out, he quote, supercharged his efforts to be a part of the boy’s life. But within those months, Peterson never met the boy. The boy was never flown to meet him for the weekend. He never flew to meet the boy on one of his days off. Does that sound like supercharged to you? Again I’m not judging, I’m just asking.”

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Lemon goes on to say that Peterson is a man of means and should have made more of an effort to spend time with his son. “Parental responsibility is important. Person responsibility is key.”

Whoa Mr. Lemon.

Thoughts on Don Lemon’s comments about Adrian Peterson?

Are they a bit premature and judgmental given the fact that Peterson just lost his son a few days ago?

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