Don Lemon has come under fire for expressing agreement with Bill O’Reilly’s controversial statements regarding crime in the Black community.

In fact, Lemon says Bill didn’t go far enough.

Lemon gave Black kids five suggestions for cleaning up their act: hike up your pants, finish school, stop using the n-word, take care of your communities, and don’t have children out of wedlock.

From Raw Story:

“I’ve lived in several predominantly white communities in my life,” Lemon said. “I rarely, if ever, witnessed people littering. I live in Harlem now. It’s a historically Black neighborhood. Every single day, I see adults and children dropping their trash on the ground when the garbage can is just feet away. Just being honest here.”

Additionally, Lemon cited an oft-mentioned statistic saying 72 percent of African-American children were born out of wedlock. But that figure has been in dispute since as far back as 2009, when columnist Ta-Nehisi Coates pointed out in The Atlantic that the birth rate among Black women was actually declining at the time, and that the birth rate for married Black women was lower than among married white women.

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