Donald Sterling, the embattled owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, is refusing to pay the $2.5 million fine the NBA levied after tapes of him making racially insensitive remarks were released to the public, and will fight the lifetime ban. In a letter sent to the NBA, Sterling’s lawyer, Maxwell Blecher said that his client should not be punished because he broke no rules and that Sterlings due process rights were violated.

From USA Today: 

Sterling has already missed the deadline for paying fine, which earlier this week.

It is not a surprise Sterling’s attorney threatened a legal battle. Sterling is well-known for litigious tactics, and the league had been expecting Sterling to fight.

The letter was in direct response to the fine and the lifetime ban. The NBA’s advisory-finance committee was also notified of the letter.

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Blecher is one of Sterling’s longtime lawyers. He represented the business mogul when he moved the Clippers from San Diego to Los Angeles in 1984, and the NBA fined him $25 million. Sterling sued the league for $100 million, but dropped the suit when the NBA reduced his fine to $6 million.


Will this become a long, dragged out court battle?Does Sterling have a case?

Will the NBA be forced to keep Sterling?

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