This past Sunday the world witnessed one of the greatest comebacks ever in the history of professional football. I know I have the tendency to hyperbolize athletic events, but this was one for the ages. In just under 8 minutes Michael Vick sliced and diced the New York Giants defense to lead the Philadelphia Eagles to a mind –blowing upset. As I’ve stated countless times on Twitter and Facebook, “the best way to silence a doubter is through your actions”. Michael Vick did that with his legs and arms. In a similar fashion, President Barack Obama has been doing it, one legislative victory at a time.

(Just like Vick, Obama makes the seemingly impossible look easy)


Political pundits everywhere are heralding the Senate’s repeal of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Policy (DADT), the U.S. military’s ban on Gay and Lesbian soldiers serving openly, as one of the greatest civil rights accomplishments of the 21st century. I agree. However, what I don’t agree with is mainstream media’s portrayal of Obama being the comeback kid. While it is refreshing to finally see some positive press about the President, it is folly to overlook what he has been doing for nearly two years. How can you come back when you’ve been leading the whole time?

This past November pollsters, pundits, and even the Democratic Party bigwigs wrote off President Obama as a failed politician. When the liberals didn’t get what they believed to be their agenda catered to, they began to moan and groan about the possibility of finding a candidate to run against President Obama in 2012. But just like the ever so fluctuating Joe Lieberman, the pendulum has shifted back in his favor. But in the words of L.L. Cool J, “Don’t call it come back”. The Congressional Quarterly has reported that President Obama has the highest legislative success rate of any President in 5 decades. This means that Obama’s success rate in the House and Senate on votes where he staked out a clear position has been approved 96.7 percent of the time, which beats previous record-holder Lyndon Johnson’s 93 percent in 1965.

While the talking heads were claiming Armageddon for Obama’s career after the midterm election shellacking, he was just gearing for his biggest victory yet, the repeal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. Like Michael Vick, Obama’s equanimity in the face of a barrage of attacks from the media proved to outshine the naysayers.

Here are the reasons why I want Barack Obama to be my quarterback on 4th down and inches.

  1. Fair Pay Act- Women finally have protection in the workplace when it comes to their wages.
  2. Healthcare- I can stay on my parent’s insurance until I’m 26. Enough said.
  3. TARP-  Stabilized Wall Street and held big business accountable.
  4. Stimulus Package – The $787 stimulus packaged may not have created as many jobs as people would have liked, but is sure has saved some.
  5. Tax-Cut deal- It many not have been ideal for liberals, but at least the Republicans voted to extend unemployment insurance a little bit longer.
  6. Repeal of DADT- Freedom finally rings for our gay and lesbian servicemen.

Barack Obama drops back, he rolls out right, everybody looks covered, he scrambles to the left, tucks the ball in, and tightropes the sideline to lead America to another victory. Don’t call it a comeback!