In a press conference held at Ebenezer Baptist Church on Thursday, Dr. Bernice King expressed her disapproval about her brothers’ decision to sell her father’s possessions.

King has been in a string of court battles with Dexter and Martin over the sale of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Bible and Nobel Peace Prize Medal. 

From 11 Alive:

Surrounded by family members and community leaders, King wasted little time by saying she did not support the selling of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s possessions and she wanted to be disassociated from her brothers. “This is not a sibling rivalry,” she said. “I will always love my brothers, but we are of different minds and most importantly, different relationships with God. I know my position is right. It’s about standing on principle.”

Last Friday, Jan. 31, Martin and Dexter King filed a complaint in Fulton County Superior Court, asking a judge to force Bernice to relinquish their father’s items, which included Dr. King’s 1964 Noble Peace Prize and his personal Bible.

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“We have no right to sell our birthright,” Bernice King said. “If I were to allow the selling of my father’s belongings, my conscious would haunt me for the rest of my life. Our father must be turning over in his grave.”

Things appear to be getting pretty ugly between the King siblings.

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