Dr. Dre was briefly detained in a patrol car in front of his home this Monday morning after a caller claimed he was carrying a gun, according to CNN.

Dre told authorities that he asked the driver of a vehicle that was blocking his driveway to move. The driver reportedly did so, but then returned, prompting the hip-hop mogul to approach them a second time.

“Due to the nature of the call, the person was searched, handcuffed, and briefly detained in a patrol car while deputies investigated the incident,” said the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

When Dre, whose birth name is Andre Young, approached the man a second time, he pulled out his cell phone to record the incident. That’s when the men left and made a call to the police claiming that the owner of a home pulled out a gun.

While Dre wasn’t arrested or taken into custody, he was given a citation that will require him to appear in court because the caller¬†“initiated a private person’s arrest of Mr. Young for misdemeanor brandishing a firearm.”

Fortunately this situation want as smoothly as it did because there were many opportunities for this story to turn negative. Yet, it still leaves questions about the ways that Black people are unfairly targeted for hypervigilance and perceived agitation even when they are completely warranted in their concerns.

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons