Representative John Conyers (D-MI) and Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) have introduced a new bill to put a stop to racial profiling once and for all. 

And in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict, the unveiling of  the “End Racial Profiling Bill of 2013” could not be more timely.

From the Grio:

“It is the right thing to do,” Sen. Cardin said. “It is against the values of America to single out a person because of race.”

Cardin said racial profiling “creates fear, anger and mistrust.”

“Everyone realizes that the overwhelming number of police are perfectly excellent officers,” Rep. Conyers said.  ”We are proud of that.”

“Training of law enforcement will help…and will trickle down to neighborhood watch groups,” NAACP representative Hilary Shelton said, noting that police training would be funded through this bill.

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Thoughts on this bill? Will it get passed?

Will it be effective?

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