New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly (Photo by HAGEN FOR NEWS)




Can somebody tell Mayor Bloomberg that Black and Brown people don’t need another, “White Savior“? Bloomberg wants us to believe his racist Stop and Frisk policy, that was just smacked down by a Federal Judge, is for the benefit and safety of our communities. However,  Judge Shira A. Scheindlin, found that the NYPD had “adopted a policy of indirect racial profiling” that targeted young men of color for stops. But, Mayor Bloomberg won’t tolerate anyone tugging on Superman’s cape, so he plans to appeal the ruling.

According to Mayor Bloomberg, people of color have no cause to fear the police and the only reason we do is, that we, “come from a culture where the police are the enemy.” He added that, “here the police department is our friend.” I’m guessing Mayor Bloomberg hasn’t seen the video below, where a NYC teenager named Alvin was stopped several times on the same day and finally decided to tape one of his encounters with the police. Not only was he  assaulted and verbally threatened, Alvin was also told by officers, he was a  “F*cking Mutt”. The video also contains testimony by NYPD police officers stating they were directed by superiors to target young men of color and to, “violate some rights”.


One of the most telling parts of Mayor Bloomberg’s hostile and rambling response to the Federal Court’s ruling was when Bloomberg was asked why he opposed having an Inspector General oversee the NYPD, that could investigate their practices and recommend changes. Bloomberg, after badgering the reporter who asked the question, explains why the police need less regulation. Bloomberg said when the police pull their guns they can’t be thinking about what a commissioner or a monitor says, because they could end up dead. He then challenged the audience to go to that officer’s funeral and explain to their family why they are not coming home.

I wonder if Mayor Bloomberg attended the funeral of Ramarley Graham, a unarmed teenager that was shot and killed by the NYPD last year.  Despite the fact that the police kicked down the door and ran into Ramarley’s home without a search warrant, Officer Richard Haste, who shot and killed Ramerely Graham, will not be charged in Ramarely’s death. What would Mayor Bloomberg say to the mother and father of Ramarley, who made it home, but was murdered by over aggressive police officers, in his own bathroom?

Hopefully, the next Mayor of New York will leave his super hero costume in the closet, cause the policies of  “Savior Bloomberg” have done people of color enough damage.