Erica Garner, the 27 year old daughter of Eric Garner and a human rights activist, was rushed to Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn following an asthma-induced heart attack and was in critical condition as of this morning. Garner’s mother, Esaw Snipes-Garner says that Erica Garner’s last pregnancy with her second child in August put a strain on her heart. Snipes-Garner also told the New York Daily News that the hospital placed Erica Garner under a medically induced coma.

A person who self-identified themselves as “one of Erica’s workers” started to tweet under her account as of yesterday, first instructing those on the platform to “Pray for her.” The person continued to tweet out updates, including a statement in the family’s name: “The Garner/Snipes family wants to thank you all for your prayers and support. At this moment there are no updates on Ericas condition. They ask that you take this holiday to enjoy your loved ones and for self care. More updates will come as they are available”

Earlier this morning, the worker tweeted out an update that the NYPD rushed them out of both Erica Garner’s room and the entire ICU wing at Woodhull Hospital with no explanation or warning. They also noted that the hospital was supposed to be bringing Garner out of her medically induced coma in less than an hour.

In addition to this, the NYPD told Garner’s worker that they mixed up the list of people who had permission to be in the room with Erica Garner and until they figured it out, all visits were “dead.” The worker also noted that they had been in the room all night and had an official pass from the hospital.

The worker then directed Twitter users to flood the hospital with calls and demands to interrogate why the NYPD was keeping Garner’s explicitly permitted visitors out minutes from bringing her out of her medically induced coma. The last update from the Twitter account is from three hours ago, which stated that the NYPD let them back in the room and gave thanks to those who called to apply pressure to the hospital and the NYPD.

There is also an existing Go Fund Me that was originally set up by Erica Garner that calls for donations to help support her in her fight for justice, which we encourage those who can to donate to do.

We also encourage you to keep the Garner/Snipes family in your thoughts, prayers, rituals, or whatever you can use to wish them well and healing thoughts.