Congratulations to Ethel “Ellie” Hylton on graduating from Harvard with the highest GPA in her class!

The niece of CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien, Hylton will graduate with a degree in sociology.

She credits her incredible academic success to the influence and support from her parents.

From the Grio:

“I feel like I owe everything to my parents,” Hylton said. “They have been the most supportive people in my life. They always have supported me academically and [in] my extra-curricular activities. My parents never really pushed me in any particular direction. I never felt pressured to achieve because of my parents.

“They barely ever mentioned Harvard when I was growing up. My family is supportive, but not pushy,” she reiterated. “They want me to do my best, but they will never tell me that I have to achieve a certain standard.”

Even without external pressure, Hylton has achieved greatly. In addition to ranking number one in her graduating Harvard class, she already has plans to start work as an associate for a public policy research company, which is an extension of her interest in social issues.

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An amazing achievement.

Congratulations to Ellie, and all of this year’s graduates!