Residents of Detroit are protesting an expected state takeover of the city and the appointment of an emergency financial manager.

Activists say the takeover will result in the political disenfranchisement of its residents.

Protesters have picketed press conferences, and even caused traffic jams.

From the Huffington Post:

“We basically decided, if [the state was] not going to listen to the public, the public was going to slow down traffic,” Boyle said. “If we slow down traffic, maybe people will stop and listen for a moment, as to what’s going on. This isn’t business as usual.”

He believes the state takeover of Detroit violates the U.S. Constitution and fears it will lead to the taking of city assets by the state.

Although the traffic protests have been disruptive in themselves, it is possible that anti-state takeover actions may soon intensify in the city. According to TV station WDIV, Rev. Charles Williams of the National Action Network has said thousands of demonstrators are planning to make a human chain around city hall to stop the EFM from doing his job.



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