An Ohio family is literally fighting a man who has taken over their home in court. The family returned to their Springdale, Ohio from visiting a dying relative out-of-town. The locks had been changed and their home of 21 years had a new tenant. 

From WLWT:

WLWT News 5’s Karin Johnson began to investigate and uncovered a dozen cases, all linked to the same man. Robert Carr went into the home on Springdale Lake Drive, changed the locks and emptied the house. The family said when they confronted Carr, he showed them a document he filed with the Hamilton County Court. It’s called a “quiet title” and lays claim to the property because Carr said the family abandoned the house and gave up all rights.

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The family that owns the home is too afraid to reveal their identity, but the family’s attorney Alison Warner said that Carr is seeking full title and ownership of the property.

Carr has filed similar paperwork on 11 houses in Springdale, Forest Park, Fairfield and Hamilton.

WOW. What a bizarre story.

UPDATE: Robert Carr has since been arrested. He faces breaking and entering and theft charges.

Thoughts on the situation?

What would you do if you returned to your home only to find a man in there with paperwork saying that you gave up your rights to ownership?

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