The family of a 6-year-old Chicago boy who was viciously attacked by a pit bull on Aug. 4 while at a children’s birthday party has started a GoFundMe campaign to help with his medical expenses.

Lenard Armani Mckinnis was playing by a jumping bean in Chicago’s Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood when two stray dogs came out of nowhere and attacked the party. 

From GoFundMe:

Armani was attacked by the dog and loss most of his cheek and part of his ear also he was bite badly in the leg and is in therapy learning how to walk again he still has more plastic surgeries ahead of him and we are in need of some help to cover the medical bills that are piling and will be piling during the course of his recovery. Armani is a strong young boy who has gone through a lot so young and early in his life but he manages to remain a youthful and happy kid even in his hospital bed.

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When Armani was 3, he lost his mother to a deadly car crash. He’s been in the care of his aunt and the family hopes that this is the end of a rough journey for the child.

Wishing Armani a speedy recovery.

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