Medric "Cecil" Mills Jr., 77, died after suffering a massive heart attack in a shopping center parking lot outside Washington, D. C. Mills' daughter Marie Mills said that herself along with several other people ran across the street to the firehouse across the street but the firefighters refused to help.

The family of an elderly man who died of a heart attack after being ignored by firefighters in front of a Washington D.C. fire station is demanding that the department fire everyone involved.

The family of Medric Mills called for the firing of firefighters, dispatchers and supervisors associated with the Jan. 25 incident. 

From New York Daily News:

“We want someone to take the blame for this tragedy,” his son, Medric Mills III, said in a statement at a news conference on Thursday. “It is undisputable that the firefighters should have tried to help my dad.”

Mills collapsed in a shopping center parking lot directly across from Engine 26 in Northeast Washington, D.C. when he went into cardiac arrest. His distraught daughter Marie begged members of the firehouse for help as she watched her father die in the street. She was told they weren’t authorized to tend to him.

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Washington, D.C. Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe said the woman in command at the fire station, Lt. Kellene Davis will be disciplined. Davis tried to avoid the controversy by filing for early retirement.

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