Actors Cherie Johnson and Dennis White say they were improperly stopped by police in Marion County, South Carolina.

The former “Family Matters” star and White who was in the film ‘Notorious,’ were vacationing last week when they were harassed by an officer.

While sightseeing, a South Carolina police officer approached the two while they were visiting a cotton field on the side of the road.

From CNN:

“We entered South Carolina and within 20 minutes or so we were pulled over by 2 police cars. They stated that I was driving 40 miles per hour in a 25 miles per hour zone. I disagreed but there was nothing I could do. He presented me with a citation that I planned on fighting. There was a paved driveway that led to a small cotton field. The oil change light came on so it was the perfect reason to pull over. I pulled over and we both exited the rental vehicle and we took in the history and the oppression that those little white balls created decades ago.  As we walked back to the car we noticed a cop car with it’s lights on making a u-turn and parked right behind us. My lady, proceeded to walk towards his car and state, ‘I just wanted to take a picture!’ The Officer, S. Barfield, grabbed his gun and told her to sit in the car.”

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The officer then approached White’s side of the car and asked for license and registration. He complied and the officer ran his identity. White’s came back clean, but according to the officer’s, a warrant was out for Johnson’s arrest, a clear mistake.

The officer then proceeded to ask White and Johnson and a plethora of questions. White was handcuffed despite the officer telling him that he wasn’t being arrested, and police attempted to search the vehicle. The two were eventually let go.

WOW. Racial profiling is alive and well.

No matter your status it appears as though you’re still just black in America.

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