According to Federal prosecutors, deputies of a North Carolina sheriff accused of illegally targeting Latino drivers shared links to a racist video game where players shoot people entering the country illegally, including children and pregnant women. 

From Associated Press:

Lawyers for the U.S. Justice Department filed documents this week in their complaint against Alamance County Sheriff Terry S. Johnson, who is accused of violating the rights of citizens and legal residents by detaining and arresting Latinos without probable cause. Prosecutors are asking a federal judge to find in their favor without a trial, citing extensive evidence of racial bias.

Johnson’s lawyer said in an email that the sheriff denies the allegations. His lawyers filed their own motion Sunday seeking to have the case dismissed. In another email, training officer Richard Longamore forwarded an email to the sheriff and his chief deputy bemoaning a federal program that provides temporary visas to foreign nationals who are the victims of such violent crimes as rape, incest and torture.

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According to a motion by the government, a high-ranking deputy emailed out the link to the violent game.

Other deputies, supervisors and the agency’s media spokesman traded messages that included racist jokes in response to the email.

Federal officials say Johnson, who is currently seeking election to another four-year term in November, referred to Latinos as “taco eaters” and ordered special roadblocks in neighborhoods where Latinos live during which those with brown skin were stopped while whites were waved through.

So far, Johnson isn’t being charged with a crime. Should he be?

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