On July 3rd, Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife, Sandi Jackson will be sentenced for inappropriate use of campaign funds.

Today, federal prosecutors urged for a 4 year sentence for Jackson Jr., and 18 months for Sandi Jackson.

Their proposal allows for the Jackson to do their time back to back, allowing for at least one of them to always be available to take care of their two children.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Prosecutors announced their view of the appropriate punishment in a memorandum that was sent to the judge who will sentence the Jacksons. The sentencing will take place on July 3, not July 1, according to a change announced by the court today.

The government also recommended that Jackson Jr. pay $750,000 in restitution to his campaign, that he pay an additional $750,000 forfeiture and that he be placed on supervised release for three years after leaving prison.

“A review of his history and characteristics shows the Defendant chose to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars despite having advantages in life and financial resources that few possess and that most can only dream of obtaining,” prosecutors wrote in their 45-page memorandum on Jackson Jr.

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