T. Pain aka “Teddy Pain”, aka “Nappy Boy”, aka “Teddy Pinned her ass down”, aka Tallahassee Hero” can now add another nickname to his litany of monikers- “Teddy Tool”. Although Mr. Autotune (another alias) has been able to trick millions of people into actually thinking he can sing, he was still duped by the sly fox, Sean Hannity. Hannity a well known conservative commentator on Fox News got “Teddy Tool” good. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions. Who knows, he could be a staunch Republican who supports limited government and low taxes. Perhaps, he is one of those wealthy Americans that doesn’t want to pay more taxes for some poor person to get healthcare (not my actual view). Perhaps he supports Governor Bob McDonnell’s backing of Confederate History Month. Or maybe he believes the GOP needs a hip-hop makeover like Chairman Michael Steele. Whatever the case may be, “Teddy Tool” must be living the “good life” because he “got money” so he wants to “kiss kiss” up to Hannity and conservative America. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about political diversity within the Black community. However, it troubles me that Black folks are taken for granted by both major parties. Frankly, something about this plug seemed inauthentic.


Rappers and entertainers have a history of allowing themselves to be used by the Republican party to score political points. Let’s take it back to the early 90’s when the west-coast bad boy, Eazy- E, one of the original members of N.W.A., got in bed with Conservative America. In 1991 he accepted an invitation to a lunch benefiting the Republican Senatorial Inner Circle hosted by former President George H.W. Bush. This came after many conservatives deemed his music to be obscene (which a lot of it was). This invitation was brought about by a $2500 contribution he made to a Republican politician who actually supported censorship. Once this small donation came to light, Eazy-E tried to save face with his fans by saying:

“How the f—can I be a Republican when I got a song called ‘F—tha Police’?” he asked. “I ain’t shit—ain’t a Republican or Democrat. I didn’t even vote. My vote ain’t going to help! I don’t give a f—who’s the president.”

Not only was he afraid to say he either supported the GOP or was used by them, he tried to cover it up emphasizing his political apathy. However, you rarely find politically apathetic people who make $2500 contributions to campaigns.

Below is a video of Southern rapper Scarface talking about his conservatism and Obama.


Of course we can’t leave out Mr. Hip-Hop and Politics himself, Michael Steele on D.L. Hughley’s  T.V. Show



I support political diversity, in fact I myself hold many conservative beliefs. However, I do not condone the exploitation of any group to score political points. We must stop allowing ourselves to be used by the left and right and articulate our own agenda that speaks to issues concerning us not a party platform.