Residents in Ferguson, Missouri found a racist Christmas letters on their car windshields last week.

From Riverfront Times:

On Tuesday Rosemary Nieters found a note on her car, which had been parked outside overnight. The note read: “Christmas is pure bred white nigger shit.”

“Itt scared me quite a bit,” Nieters says. “It made me shake all the way to work.”

Nieters isn’t the first to get this note. On December 19, Brian Villa found a note on his car near Tower Grove park that said, “Christmas is white nigger shit.”┬áThe note seems to be written in the same handwriting but with a different pen. Villa says he didn’t see notes on any nearby cars.

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Nieters, who grew up in Ferguson, says the notes are particularly threatening after the turmoil that followed the shooting of 18-year-old Mike Brown in August.

“With everything that’s going on, it made me pretty nervous,” she says. “I just have to understand that it’s not personal. I think it’s very random.”


Tis the season for racism. A shame.

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