Mark Harris

This year, Film Director & 1555 Filmworks Founder Mark Harris will put on the third annual Englewood International Film Festival.

The southwest Chicago neighborhood has had its share of negative press, with most media outlets only covering gang activity and crime.

But Mark Harris wants to make a name for the “under-served but growing area.”

From The Urban Daily:

”We want to put cafes in the community. We want to put bookstores in the community. We want to put health food stores in the community you know, we want to–we want to make Englewood like your Hyde Park or Oak Park, you know, where people come in and see what’s going on in Englewood and they can be proud of it,” said Harris.

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Bringing a festival to the community is a great way to attract outsiders.

This year, the festival features a plethora of independent films relating to the African American community.

“Soul Food’s” Darrin Dewitt Henson is also slated as a red carpet guest for the event.

The Englewood Film Festival runs from October 24-October 27th.

Kudos to Mark Harris for taking an active role in revamping his community’s image!

Thoughts on the festival?

Why is it that media outlets gravitate towards covering negative events in communities of color more than positive?

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