The family of a DeLand, Fla. man who was ran over by a police officer has released a video of the incident.

38-year-old Marlon Brown was killed in May after being pulled over for an alleged seatbelt violation.

Officer James Harris was driving the vehicle at the time of his death. 

From Think Progress:

Officers were following him in a police car when Harris sped to the scene from behind. The released video shows Harris’ car speeding toward Brown — passing the other police car by. When Brown tripped and fell, and the police car kept going…an officer ran him over with his car as he ran through a vegetable garden. [Brown’s] family is calling for an independent investigation by state and federal agencies, after a grand jury decision last week not to file criminal charges against officer James Harris.

Check out the video:

Warning: The video is graphic in nature and may be unsettling to some viewers

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Harris was fired after an internal police investigation found that he violated the department’s chase policy, but the grand jury concluded that more evidence was needed to criminally prosecute the former officer for vehicular homicide.

The city has paid Brown’s family $550,000 in exchange for them not to further pursue civil litigation.

This is very disturbing news. 

Officer Harris has lost his job, but should he be criminally charged also? 

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