BYP 100’s FM Supreme will lead a Mother’s Day Weekend anti-violence march on Saturday May 10.

But the streets aren’t the only place where the hip-hop artist practices peace. 

From WFLD:

“Everybody inhale…hold it…exhale through your nose,” said Jessica Disu, a rapper also known as FM Supreme. In a class designed to combat violence and promote peace, girls practice relaxation methods.

“This is what we can do to decrease crime, this is what we can do to stop a 14-year-old girl from shooting another 14-year-old girl,” said Dennis Johnson of Chicago State University.

Disu agrees violence in Chicago is out of control.

“And change starts with self, right? So even changing your daily routine, that’s part of changing your world. Because the more we grow and change as people, it inspires those around us,” said Disu.

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Disu and Johnson are part of the Chicago-Asia 2014 Peace Exchange. It’s a team of college students who traveled to Southeast Asia to learn how people can be peaceful despite poverty and oppression.

Keep it up FM!

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