Perez Hilton in this months Advocate

Perez Hilton in this month's Advocate

There were some questions from folks–ok, maybe just one folk–regarding my inference that Perez Hilton really meant nigger when he called a thug last month after the Much Music Awards.  Well, earlier today, a friend of mine sent me a link to a story about Perez’ interview in this month’s Advocate.  In it, Perez admits he wanted to call a nigger, but instead settled for faggot because he thought it would be “even worse.”  That doesn’t automatically mean that nigger was on the tip of Perez’ tongue when he exchanged it for thug, but I do think it was in the throat area, at least.

I think this makes my argument a lot less flimsy.

(I’d say that I hate it when I’m [quasi-]right, but that would be a lie.)

My earlier post.

Excerpt from Perez’ Advocate interview.