I could barely watch this entire video and as usual the comments in the Bossip section are worse than the posted content. First, I can’t help but notice what appears to be a trend of hard-ass lesbians hitting the scene in many homophobic communities. It appears that there is acceptance of black gay lesbians, the visible ones, if they are doing things like slapping one another across the face or pistol-whipping their bitches (Da Brat). Unfortunately, gays are a comedy and never fall short of offering footage for Bossip. It seems from the pulpit to the clubs, gay blacks are still desperate to fit into any type of black community. So desperate, they will spend up to eight minutes in a club full of folks smacking the hell out of one another. And now you know why “the club” always empties with gunfire.

Eddie Long represents, well somewhat, the closeted black churchgoer. I say somewhat because there is more possibility he is a pedophile with a proclivity towards young boys than a mature and developed homosexual yearning for the affection of equally grown men. I apologize for using homosexuality and pedophile so close together. I recognize pedophilia, particularly among those representing faith is often seen as the result of leading a chaste lifestyle and not for what it is, a perversion.

Unfortunately, confusion with pedophilia is on a long list of unfortunate side effects awaiting black gays. Higher levels of HIV, homelessness, suicide, and as this video demonstrates a severe lack of judgment.  Here’s the link:

Lesbian Bitch-Slapping Contest