Less than a year after former Rep. Mel Reynolds ran for Congress, the convicted sex offender is once again facing allegations of misconduct. This time, the charges against Reynolds come during his stay in Zimbabwe.

The Herald, Zimbabwe’s state-owned newspaper, reported that Reynolds was arrested after being found with pornography. 

From Chicago Tribune:

Possession of pornography is illegal in Zimbabwe. There was no official confirmation of the pornography allegations. Francis Mabika, an assistant regional immigration officer, said Reynolds had been picked up for living in Zimbabwe without a valid visa.

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The allegations are yet another blemish on the former Rhodes scholar and one-time rising Democratic star’s legacy. Reynolds was tried and jailed almost 20 years ago for having sex with an underage campaign worker. He was also brought up on child pornography charges.

He was arrested Monday at the Bronte Hotel in the capital city of Harare. Reynolds was convicted and jailed in 1995, three years after being elected to Congress. He was later convicted of misusing campaign funds and defrauding banks, federal crimes responsible for additional prison sentences.

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