NFL prospect Myron Rolle’s fate with the NFL was all but sealed.

The Florida State Seminoles player was accepted to the league in 2010, but had dreams of pursuing another path.

From BOSS Sports:

 …Rolle is now a medical student at Florida State’s College of Medicine.

Rolle made headlines during his playing days when he received a Rhodes Scholarship and went to Oxford for a year to study anthropology. It was rare that a football player of his talents garnered such a high academic reward. Rolle was eventually drafted by the Tenessee Titans in 2010 but he never played an NFL game. Many people, such as writer Aaron Gruder, speculate it had to do with his off-the-field pursuits.

“It was not Rolle who was uninterested in the NFL, but the NFL who was uninterested in him, or perhaps even scared to have him around,” Gordon wrote in an article for SB Nation.

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It was never a secret that Rolle wanted to pursue a career in the medical field, but by 2010, highlights to head injuries as a result of playing the sport contributed to his short stay in the league.

But Rolle is tackling the challenges of medical school, instead of players on turf.

Congratulations, Dr. Rolle!

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