Former U.S. Rep. Mel Reynolds was recently brought up on charges of sexual misconduct while in Africa.

Now Reynolds says that he “fears for his life” and is reportedly hiding in South Africa. 

From Associated Press:

Former U.S. Rep. Mel Reynolds said Tuesday he is in hiding in South Africa after being deported from Zimbabwe because he fears for his life for threatening to expose allegedly illegal business dealings between American businessmen and the southern African country.

Zimbabwe’s Deputy Minister of Information Supa Mandiwanzira dismissed the claims as untrue and “capricious.”

Reynolds, who lost his Illinois congressional seat in 1995 after being convicted of statutory rape, was arrested in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, on Feb. 16 and pleaded guilty to charges of violating the country’s immigration laws. After a few days in prison, he was fined and deported. The court dismissed charges of possessing pornography on a technicality.

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Reynolds told The Associated Press that he believes he is being pursued by a secret Zimbabwean death squad because he threatened to reveal information on U.S. businessmen who are doing illegal business with the country.

He told the news outlet that he plans to hold a press conference in South African in the next few days before returning to Chicago where he would reveal details, including names to support his claims.

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