Four year-old Rahquel Carr was shot and killed while sitting in a car outside her grandfather’s home in Miami.

Rahquel was sitting in the vehicle with at least two other children. They believe Rahquel was shot in the upper body with a gun from inside of the car.

Investigators are currently trying to determine if one of the other children shot her.

From NewsOne:

Armando Alvarado, 58, was sitting inside his home three doors down when he heard children screaming. He went outside and saw a woman crying for help on her cell phone.

“She was crying desperately,” he said.

Police arrived within a minute, and a rescuer carried the girl into an ambulance, he said. Her limbs were limp and blood was on her face. The girl died a short time later after being airlifted to a hospital.

Rahquel’s grandfather also was hospitalized because he was overcome with emotion. The two were very close, and he would sometimes watch the girl while she rode her bike outside.


A terribly tragic situation.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Rahquel’s loved ones at this difficult time.