A top player for a school basketball team has been banned from playing an an upcoming game because she is a female.

Jaelyn Bates, a fourth grader at Frey Basketball Academy, says she was told she can no longer compete with her teammates. 


“Because I’m a girl, and they’re boys,” Jaelyn, 10, told NBC’s Dave Briggs. Her dad Barry Bates says that her skills on the court measure up to those of the other athletes on her team, even though they’re all boys.

“She fares very well, no difference than any boy with her skills would have,” said Bates. “She gets hurt like every other kid gets hurt. She scores like every other kid scores.”

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It isn’t Bates’ teammates that are causing a stir about her being on the squad, but some adults.

The school was recently told they could not participate in a qualifier for the national championships with her on the team.

Their reason? “Because girls can’t play with boys, and vice versa.”

Does Bates have a case of discrimination or should girls and boys play in separate leagues?

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