When you look across the late night landscape as it currently stands, you’ll find a lot of white and a lot of men. Despite America being filled with everything but white men, they’re still often treated as the faces of pop culture as they host late night television. Fortunately, Comedy Central is looking to change that.

Franchesca Ramsey, a comedian,¬†writer and host of MTV’s Decoded, will executive produce and host her own late night show for the network, according to¬†NBCBLK.

“For me I feel like this is a natural progression and it’s what I’ve always wanted to do,” ramsey told NBC. “It’s just so cool that I’ve been able to start on YouTube doing my hair in my bathroom and in my living room making parodies, to MTV, to Comedy Central and now the chance to do my own show.”

With a history touching on a variety of racial issues, and not worrying about anyone’s hurt feelings, Ramsey’s show is sure to have some buzz-worthy appeal once it gets up and running.

“For us it’s really important to talk about people and identity,” Ramsey said. “There’s such an incredible opportunity to shed light on different types of people and different issues that affect people from various walks of life.”

“In light of this most recent election we really saw that there are a lot of people who are misinformed about different types of people that live in this country and around the world. So we want to give them an opportunity to make their voices heard in a really funny and really smart way to hopefully educate people but also change the perspective and challenge some of the preconceived notions that they have been carrying around, maybe that they didn’t even realize they’ve been harboring.”

The show is still in the pilot stage, but is expected to air sometime this year.